Jordy Goussey



Suffocated within your own skin.
It’s a sign of being hurt, an endless journey of holding on to something imperceptible.
Delete all those layers and start breathing again.


Jordy as a Fashion Professional

I am more than myself. Confronting, storytelling and colorful.
Three keywords which can be closely related to me as a designer.
I’ve begun to understand what I have to offer myself and others in regard to design: I need to work on and push myself to achieve in order to become the best possible designer I can be. Collaborating with other creative minds and listening to them to understand their perspective.. When two or more ingenious souls collide, I feel, it broadens the significance and depth of the thought.

Nevertheless designing is an endless process of who you are, and what you want to achieve. Expressing yourself is a sign of freedom in this deaf world, manipulated by a counterfeit society. A voice within my performances, a soul to be touched. Consciousness drives a clarified lust.